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Welcome to YogaClass.com! Enjoy your stay. We are building an online ashram (yoga center) where you can learn, practice, and share yoga.

Links to everything at the site can be found at YogaCentral. Stretch, Workout, Breathe, Relax, Chant, Chat, and more!. Watch the What's New page for the latest additions.

Discover yoga!

YogaClass is integral to IT! Web technology has re-evolutionized consciousness. Making global interactivity possible. Enabling us to develop an online community, dedicated completely to the accumulation, and dissemmination, of yoga techniques for healing. Making it possible for you to get a viable introduction to yoga, with tangible results. This may be a virtual class, but the yoga, and the benefits you will receive through regular practice, are very real, indeed!

Real live teachers will always be needed. But now for the first time in history, it is possible to publicly examine and archive yoga making it not only available to all who want it, but allowing universal interactivity, as well. In virtual reality, we find the actual virtue of creating genuine community.

We like to say that YogaClass.com was a website waiting to happen. Providing yoga instruction via the web is a perfectly natural thing to do. Even if we can't offer direct hands-on guidance, we can offer detailed feedback several ways.

Email is often most expedient. But also be sure to make use of the message boards and chat rooms! And, if you have full multimedia capability, we conduct live videoconferenced group or private classes, as well!

There are many great yoga sites online. Good things will come of this. That´s why we crawl the web constantly looking for the newest and most useful yoga sites available. Look for them on the YogaClass Links page. If you think we missed one, be sure to send it in!

We strive to bring you the best yoga in cyberspace. You can truly relax knowing that at YC.c you won´t miss anything worthwhile. When we say YogaCentral, we mean it. From there you are never more than a couple of clicks away from the best yoga on the web. Naturally, we're devoted to offering, within the YogaClass.com domain, the most effective instructional content anywhere, Faithful to the spirit of yoga, safe and effective for you in self-study.

Be sure to get TrueSpeech installed so you can hear the lessons. TrueSpeech is free. And it allows you to save the segments to your own drive. That means you don't have to be online to enjoy YogaClass! After you have become familiar with the material at YogaCentral, be sure to advance to LESSON TWO!

Suitable for home or office. You will discover techniques that you can use anywhere, anytime!

Consider this your cyber home away from home. Kick off your shoes and rejuvenate yourself. If there´s ever anything we can do, or something you would like to share, by all means, let us know!

We srtive to provide a genuine, responsible,
effective presentation of what yoga is and does.
Your feedback is a valued part of this process.

YogaClass.com - serving everywhere, all the time.
So kick off your shoes, loosen your clothes, and spread your mat,
Class is about to begin!

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